Golden Wolfpack

A mobile application for a canine social media network.

01 - Mobile Application Development

02 - UI/UX Design

03 - Rapid Prototyping

04 - Digital Marketing Strategy


The Golden Wolfpack

The Golden Wolfpack is a social media network application for dogs and their owners.

The Golden Wolfpack mobile application allows dog owners to create "packs" for their dogs and their best canine friends. They can be social; posting pictures of their pups and their recent activities. They can schedule play dates with their best doggo friends and interact with other dog owners to find the best dog parks, vets, dog walkers, or just the best dog friendly place to relax with their pup and a beer. The UX/UI experience must be high contrast, simple, fun and easy to use, since many users will be active outdoors.


Mobile Application Development

A mobile social media application available as a Progressive Web App and as a native iOS and Android apps.

UI/UX Design

The user must be able to easily access and interact with the app in an active, outdoor environment. The colors should be high contrast and the interface is simple to use.

Rapid Prototyping

a MVP prototype was developed in order to quickly provide Proof of Concept feedback.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword research for SEO and social media marketing for pre-launch and sales conversion.

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