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Whether you shop a lot or want to shop more intentionally, Carrot simplifies the shopping process, making it easy to collect items, curate collections and wishlists, compare options and prices, and share your finds and collections with friends.

Project Challenge

Carrot co-founders Bobby Ghoshal and Ramin Bozorgzadeh, began developing Carrot, a shopping cart abandonment browser extension in response to their frustration with the lack of innovation when it comes to the modern-day shopping cart.

The concept allows shoppers to automatically save all open carts from their last 45 days of shopping in one place. Tracking in real time is also a part of the technology: Users can be notified once an item in a cart has been marked down.

The Carrot website will be an additional channel for their brand to promote how the extension gives shoppers an easy way view the items in their cart, and how it acts as a backup if they close a shopping window. In addition, on the Carrot site, customers can explore styles similar to those in their carts that were saved by other users.

As for retailers, the Carrot partners program could make them less reliant on the targeted ads that have become a headache to shoppers. Carrot uses an affiliate model where partners pay a fee for the sales Carrot drives to them via the extension and shareable collections.

Project Solution

Audivelo built a high concept marketing brochure microsite for the Use Carrot extension from Figma designs created by award winning UK agency Toy Fight. We built CMS architecture for LookBooks, Moodboards, Shoppable Collections, and Blog posts. The site shows users how they can share shoppable collections with friends, family, clients or followers.

To make the Carrot website more engaging and encourage users to add the Carrot browser extension; we added custom Lottie animations created by Toy Fight, and advanced Webflow interactions.

The Webflow CMS collections were used to generate searchable dynamic pages connected to the Carrot extension database in real time. The blog posts will be used to boost awareness by featuring high profile influencers using the platform, featured share collections, and featured affiliate brands.

A holistic SEO strategy was used to research targeted keywords for the static pages. Dynamic pages are connected to the CMS and generate keywords by collection topic. Schema markup was added to further increase search engine optimization and return relevant product search results.

Project Results

The new Carrot website teaches Carrot users how to organize their shopping, create lookbooks for the new season, design a moodboard for a home decorating project, or even to plan out your holiday vacation by saving hotel and travel options.

They can share shoppable collections with friends, family, clients or followers. Or use Carrot to build wishlists or gift registries for weddings, birthdays, or any special occasions. Plus the extension sends price drop alerts on sales so they never miss out on a great deal.

The increased awareness and growth potential for the Carrot concept has boosted investor funding and the amount of brands rapidly joining the affiliate partner program.

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