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Pinpoint is a leader in advising wireless tower, fiber, and data center companies on equity and debt capital raising, acquisitions, and business portfolio sales.

Project Challenge

Pinpoint Advisors is a Toronto based digital infrastructure and telecommunications investment bank with over a decade of experience. Pinpoint needed to update their website and was ready to break free from the WordPress platform where they rented space on a shared host and depended on an agency to update and maintain their website.

They were tired of the constant need to update plugins and wanted to have complete ownership of their website. Pinpoint also wanted more control of their content and ability to update case studies, service offerings and team members without having to rely on an agency having availability.

The Pinpoint Advisors website on the WordPress platform was beginning to show it's age, so they took the opportunity to rebrand and redesign the website before beginning a migration to Webflow. The Pinpoint founders were interested in the Webflow platform for the ability to build and deploy pages quickly and easily update content without having to rely on an outside team or maintaining plugins.

They had case studies and success stories that they wanted to add to showcase their expertise and attract larger clients. The Webflow CMS would allow them to add, customize and edit content internally.

Project Solution

Pinpoint Advisors chose Audivelo to build their new website on the Webflow platform and migrate their content from WordPress after thoroughly reviewing our WordPress to Webflow migration checklist and vetting our SEO expertise. The migration was restricted by a tight deadline that required the move to be made before their WordPress hosting was renewed. After reviewing the provided Figma files and receiving updated logos and other image assets, we began building the website static pages in Webflow.

In order to ensure that the migration wouldn't penalize SEO in any way, we conducted an SEO audit of all the page URLs, content and images on the live WordPress website and exported all the content for importing into the Webflow CMS templates that we were building for the dynamic pages. We created a design system based on the Figma file to keep all fonts, brand colors, and spacial structure consistent across the website.

Pinpoint also provided Audivelo with additional case studies and testimonials. These were added to the CMS architecture and helped create a detailed sitemap and an internal linking system to improve SEO. Custom code was required to link the CMS data and display it within dynamic carousels. This was done to make testimonials and other content easier to edit and update by Pinpoint's team, which was a major consideration.

SEO was also a very important factor, so Audivelo transitioned Pinpoint's Google Analytics account to GA4, connected it to both Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager and created a KPI tracking and monitoring system. We also performed another SEO audit and compared it to the benchmark created by the initial audit to confirm that all standards were met.

Finally, we connected Pinpoint's lead generation forms and built a conversion system for their service offerings. Previously they had relied on WordPress plugins for this, but with Webflow the connections to their CRM could be made directly with embedded code.

Project Results

Pinpoint was pleased with the complete and thorough migration of their website from WordPress to Webflow and the care taken to confirm that their SEO rankings would not be affected or penalized.

They are also happy with the clean and modern look of the new website and the increased page speed and Core Web Vitals performance that will improve their positioning and SEO ranking.

Pinpoint's lead generation forms and value proposition offerings are better positioned and are receiving a higher completion rate.

Revenue Growth
Conversion Rate Increase