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H2OM is a durable, fashionable and eco-friendly activewear brand made in the USA from recycled materials, including plastic bottles & discarded fishing nets. H2OM is striving to make waves in the fitness & fashion sector by ethically & sustainably producing high-quality, innovative products that empower individuals to purchase with purpose.

Project Challenge

H2OM had built an eCommerce website on the Webflow platform that was underperforming. They had lower than desired traffic and sales. H2OM asked Audivelo to help optimize their online presence and grow their revenue.

Key objectives were to increase brand awareness by highlighting their unique, ocean inspired designs, and to better communicate H2OM’s mission for cleaning up the oceans and respecting planet earth.

H2OM hoped this would boost organic traffic and increase brand loyalty and repeat customer sales.

Project Solution

Audivelo began the H2OM growth plan by examining the site sales funnel and User Experience. To better communicate product features and brand mission, we reorganized the page structure and content to create a more engaging customer journey and tell the H2OM brand story.

On the Home page we added sections to highlight H2OM’s commitment to recycling, sustainability, and ocean inspired designs. Then on the About page we told founder Abby Brown’s H2OM origin story and mindful reasons for focusing on women’s yoga activewear while choosing recycled fabric materials to help heal the oceans.

Audivelo renovated the product and cart pages to include buyer testimonials as social proof and added related products for cross-selling and upselling opportunities to increase cart revenue totals. We optimized accessibility and technical SEO with improved page speed, alt image tags, and keyword focused meta titles and descriptions to boost organic search traffic.

We crafted exit intent popup discounts to entice undecided buyers to complete a purchase, and integrated Klaviyo CRM software to automate email marketing campaigns. These implementations would increase interaction with current customers, boost repeat customer return rates, and improve abandoned cart conversion rates.

Finally, Audivelo connected H2OM's website analytics to Google Search Console to better track customer journeys, user experience, and optimized SEO keywords.

Project Results

H2OM has been hitting their KPIs since the optimization and growth program was launched. The improved sales funnel has resulted in organic traffic growth and increased completed transactions from abandoned cart sales. The focus on brand awareness has raised customer loyalty and they are seeing more repeat customers along with higher average order size. They are able to focus more on product quality and customer loyalty and less on buyer acquisition. The digital marketing automations provided by the Klaviyo integration has allowed H2OM to scale their direct interactions with customers while spending less time crafting communications.

Repeat Customer Sales
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