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FestivalPass needed a microsite designed and built for their Festival Family Founder NFT release, with purchase guidelines, and investor and partnership information. The Founder NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 unique artworks minted in 10 tranches of 1000. Owners of the NFTs receive special VIP event offers and lifetime membership access.

Project Challenge

FestivalPass was founded on the mission to inspire people to lead active and engaging lives through passion-connected member experiences. They needed a microsite to build awareness and credibility for their Festival Family Founder NFT release and Investor Outreach plans. The Festival Family Founder NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 Founder NFTs that will be made available and will create a lifetime festivalPass membership token.

The site would showcase the festivalPass commitment to Web3 innovation by offering the Founder NFTs. It will explain how the release sequence works and the VIP membership benefits to buyers. The roadmap would show the purchase process and how members can factor Founder NFT ownership.

To build credibility and trust the festivalPass team behind the project would be featured, along with an FAQ section answering common questions. The Founder NFTs will be released in 10 tranches of 1000 each, so a CMS collection is required for easily updating the tranche available. There is also a CMS collection for the team section, so member profiles can be easily updated as well.

As part of the microsite, there are additional pages for investors interested in Web3 innovation and information on partnership programs.

Project Solution

Audivelo designed and developed landing pages for the Founder NFT release and the Investor's Outreach programs. We built the CMS architecture for the Founder NFTs and festivalPass Leadership and Advisor Teams. An NFT release roadmap was created to show potential buyers how NFT tranches work and the Legend NFTs, the first tranche available.

Sections for brand partnerships, the festivalPass leadership and advisor teams, and an FAQ section were added to build brand awareness, credibility and trust. Finally an FAQ section and links to the festivalPass community platform were added to provide further information.

The Investor Outreach landing page includes information for potential investors interested in Web3 innovation. We designed a password gated brochure page detailing the program; highlighting the strategic goals, partnerships and current numbers of platform memberships, then proceeding to the expected outcomes and benefits for investors.

Web3 engagement details and collaborations with event influencers, DJs and event sponsors are included to heighten awareness.

Project Results

The microsite has been a successful addition to the festivalPass platform. Their valuation has grown from $5.5 million to $17.5 million and active memberships increased from 70,000 to over 100,000 since the site launch. The festivalPass influencer partnership program has increased 125% since the program began. They have further plans to leverage their Web3 engagement.

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