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Affinda provides Enterprise-grade AI products and tailored AI Solutions. They wanted to migrate their website from the WordPress to Webflow platform. They required a website that was easy to maintain and scale, while also improving page load speed and SEO.

Project Challenge

Affinda is a Melbourne, Australia based company that specializes in providing innovative artificial intelligence technologies to automate high volume document workflows.

Their current website is built on WordPress and contains all of their product details, images, and other marketing content. However, as their business has grown, they have found it increasingly difficult to maintain and scale their marketing pages quickly.

As a solution, they have decided to migrate to the Webflow platform, which offers a customizable CMS architecture and greater scalability. They also want this accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By leveraging the power of the Webflow CMS, Affinda hopes to streamline their operations and provide their customers with a more efficient and user-friendly experience. However, they are aware of the risks involved in such a migration, particularly the possibility of losing their hard-earned SEO rankings.

Project Solution

Audivelo began the migration of the Affinda website by conducting a thorough site audit and SEO assessment. We took all necessary measures to ensure a seamless transition without any negative impact on their search engine rankings. A sitemap was created for all their current pages, taking note of all H1 and H2 headings, and any duplicated or missing meta tag information. All their images and content were exported via CSV to be mapped and uploaded to the Webflow CMS.

Affinda hosted blog content on the Ghost CMS platform that they wanted migrated to Webflow so that they had just one marketing source to maintain. We followed a similar procedure to migrate 100+ articles and set up 301 redirects for all source URLs that were changed in the transition.

We added Schema Markup to their blog articles, About and Contact pages for increased SERP visibility.

After all the pages were built and content added, we did a complete inspection to ensure that nothing from the old WordPress site was left behind. We added all the new meta titles and descriptions and conducted an SEO, page speed and accessibility audit. We connected their AI trial tool, set up their CRM and analytics integrations and launched the new site.

Project Results

Audivelo completed a seamless migration of the Affinda website from WordPress to Webflow, while fulfilling additional requests for improved site navigation and structure.

We built a more robust landing page system and a more detailed blogging content management system in the Webflow CMS than what they had previously.

Affinda had a global outreach marketing program planned and Audivelo was able to hit their migration deadline with time to spare, so we also built new landing pages for the marketing team to link their ads to for higher conversion results.

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