Client Industry
Real Estate
Services Provided
Doorsey transforms your current website into an interactive storefront where investors can purchase your properties, all with the click of a button. It is an online offer platform that takes the guesswork out of buying and selling a home by providing a full transparency offer process.

Project Challenge

Founded by Jordan Allen, Nick McLain and Matt Melville, Doorsey is an online bidding platform that takes the guesswork out of buying a home by providing real estate agents with real-time home prices and upfront sales terms and disclosures. The group of Spokane entrepreneurs initially established the company as Ruumr, but desired a rebrand and a new website to better promote their product.

The new website will need to show how Doorsey provides buyers with such things as access to home-inspection reports, sale contingencies, photos, a 3D virtual tour via Matterport and a community forum for interacting with sellers and neighbors. The site will build awareness of the Doorsey platform by including pages outlining how Doorsey works, how it benefits realtors and buyers, tell the Doorsey brand story, and introduce their community forum.

Project Solution

Working from Figma designs provided by a leading Danish branding agency, Audivelo built a Webflow based website for Doorsey to replace the deprecated Ruumr website. Special care was used to introduce a new design system while not disrupting the old one.

The Home page is connected to the Doorsey online app, and features complex animated graphics explaining how the app and platform works. There are embedded Matterport videos and custom CMS connected carousel components that feature actual Doorsey properties up for bid and the bidding results.

The About page highlights Doorsey mission and values, there is a detailed, interactive FAQ page with separate sections for buyers, sellers, and agents. A more detailed How it Works page further outlines the platform benefits.

There are multiple Calls to Action that connect to the Doorsey CRM tool.

The community page includes a signup for a forum where buyers, sellers, and investors can discuss best practices and their experiences using the platform.

Project Results

The site helped grow the number of realtors and buyers participating on the Doorsey platform by highlighting newly listed properties in Spokane, Seattle, Portland, and Austin that were available in their portfolio of properties.

The increased interest also attracted investors and Doorsey was acquired by in January 2023.

$4.1 million
Seed funding round