Biometric Sound Lab

An Austin based biometric music experiment

01 - Music + Sound Composition

02 - Rapid Prototyping

03 - Application Development

04 - Immersive Experience Design


A generative music project featuring an interactive biometric music interface , headset, and music loops triggered by alpha, beta and gamma brainwaves, pulse rate and head movement.

Biometric readings from the user determine the tempo and trigger the music loops that are played. They can further interact with the generative music by playing along with an instrument or manually triggering loops. The interface and their biometric readings will continually change and interact with the aural stimulus.

We developed the interface application between the headset and the playback device and the music and sound loops.


Music + Sound Composition

Various music loops and randomized sound effects were recorded for playback by the generative sound system. The loops are of differing lengths and tempos, which are filtered by the system algorithms to synch with the biometric input.

Rapid Prototyping

A Minimal Viable Product was quickly developed after doing technical research to discern the best approach and technology platform for designing and developing the generative music system.

Application Development

An iOS mobile application was developed as a controller for the system and as an interface between the headset and the music loop playback.

Immersive Experience Design

A headset technology was chosen and an biometric measuring system designed around a user interacting with the generative music loops being played.

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