Jagged Little Pixel

Client Industry
B2C eCommerce
Services Provided
Jagged Little Pixel is a Seattle based shop creating graphic apparel and accessories with a dark attitude and a jagged little edge. They design topical images and captions for printed t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. They also offer printed headwear, coffee mugs, water bottles and totes so people can visually express some of their personality.

Project Challenge

Jagged Little Pixel is a Seattle based apparel and accessories shop with a dark attitude and a jagged little edge. As a small, startup clothing boutique they needed to increase brand awareness and build trust so that potential customers could discover their products and easily purchase them.

Their brand identity and voice was inconsistent, so they needed help taking the basic ideas they had for the look and feel of their brand and defining a bold and unique brand identity and strategy that could be used across all platforms and digital marketing media. Audivelo teamed up with them to help establish a more consistent brand image and online presence.

Their eCommerce website on the WordPress platform wasn't getting much traffic, was difficult to maintain, and wasn't converting well, so they were looking for ideas to make that experience more efficient. We migrated their eCommerce website from WordPress and rebuilt it on the Webflow platform to match their improved branding and crafted it to be more engaging and easier to maintain.

Project Solution

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

After conducting a discovery and strategy session to clearly understand the Jagged Little Pixel brand; their value proposition, and ideal customer, we formulated a plan to create a strong, consistent brand identity that would boost awareness and build trust. We updated their Logo and a created a Brand Style Guide with new brand colors and fonts that better fit their mission and values. This new visual identity will be used as a basis for visual consistency between the eCommerce website, digital marketing, and social media awareness campaigns. We advised Jagged Little Pixel on social media engagement and how to best leverage their presence to communicate their brand story.

Web Design + eCommerce Development

After determining a budget and time frame for the project we created a plan to design and develop a custom built on-line store for Jagged Little Pixel on the Webflow platform. We began with a site audit and crafted a sitemap to match the WordPress website. This would insure all the original content and pages could be easily migrated from WordPress to Webflow.

We then created a design in Figma that matched the Brand Style Guide with the content they needed to make their new site engaging and highly converting. After the design was approved we built a responsive, modern eCommerce solution on the Webflow platform, then mapped all the content and products to the new CMS architecture. Before launch we connected all the eCommerce, analytics, and CRM tools they needed to engage, covert and serve their customers.

API Integrations + Automations

The Webflow eCommerce solution we built integrates the online shop with their product supplier and two payment and invoicing systems. SEO and web security applications were added to maintain trust, track visitors and meet customer retention goals. We built a Customer Relationship and Retention program that connected several web and cloud based applications to insure that their customers were happy with their Jagged Little Pixel products and would return to make additional purchases.

SEO + Analytics

We thoroughly researched keywords and long-tail phrases that Jagged Little Pixel could effectively target for their content and marketing strategies. Our team made sure to take into consideration various factors such as the current trends in the industry, the target audience, and the client's own unique value proposition. We set up essential tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Meta Pixel. Jagged Little Pixel can now easily monitor and analyze their website traffic, track their marketing campaigns, and measure their online engagement.

Project Results

Overall, our efforts were aimed at helping Jagged Little Pixel improve their online presence and increase their reach to potential customers. We believe that our Brand Strategy and Visual Identity plan and the Webflow eCommerce website, along with implementation of CRM and analytics tracking tools will contribute significantly to their growth and success.

Increase in sales
Increase in site traffic