Integrating Design & Development

A collaborative design and development system will boost efficiency.

Design and Development Should Walk Hand In Hand.

Effective Design and Development teams will work collaboratively to ensure that UX Design "Reaches all the way down".

Products, whether digital or physical, are built better and are more successful when a human-centered design approach is utilized. This approach needs to cover more than just visual experience, product flow, or usability. The total user experience relies on well-designed systems underneath these elements. A well designed product is one where all members of the team, both designers and developers, take responsibility for the quality of design.

When design and development teams deeply apply the principles of good design into a product, the more successful it will be.

Design Language Systems are the bridge between user experience, visual design, and developer experience.

A well conceived design language system provides consistent user experience and provides the means for multiple applications to maintain the quality and character of a program. It will allow designers, developers, and eventually the users, to have the same cohesive experience and applications will evolve quickly.

This design strategy can be applied to the development of any digital product, as well as its use. Any application that is expected to be regularly updated and improved should consider how the experience of the development team will affect its progress. A holistic developer experience improves the speed and quality of development and allows developers to focus on providing value rather than working around limitations.

Tools and workflows can make all the difference in developer efficiency.

Version control, issue tracking, testing and build systems, are all common tools used by product managers and development teams. When utilized properly teams can focus on the most important work at hand. Deployment and testing tools and workflows ensure quality and minimize downtime. When developers can rely on well-designed workflows and actionable items, defects are reduced and delivery is more predictable.

The process should be fluid and tailored to each project, but the overall commitment to a collaborative design and development system should be used intentionally on all of them.